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Dipayan Dey - Lecture Session - International Capacity Building Workshop on Innovation - NCSM - Kolkata 2015-03-27 4424
High St Bridge aerial view 2010
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Second Lab[edit]

With wsul accounts: 007 008 019 015 041 -Guy vandegrift (talk) 21:37, 23 January 2018 (UTC)

In this lab we wanted to see what the effect of gravity on a ball that is rolling down a plane. We put together a ram and put one end on top of a chair that was about eighteen inches tall. We then rolled a ping pong ball down the ramp and measured the distance from the end of the ramp at certain time intervals. The time intervals being one through five seconds. We ran this three times and recorded the data of each trial. We then put in the results into excel, made several plots of the position,velocity and acceleration versus time. We then put the same results into matlab, created vectors and plotted velocity and acceleration versus File:Pingpongballlab.pdf